Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LSAD 3rd Year Painters

Opening 7pm, Thursday, May 9th
Exhibition: 10th - 14th May
Gallery Open: 12 - 5pm 

Opening Speaker: Tracy Fahey

Limerick School of Art and Design invite you to an exhibition with a difference. Third year fine art painting students present W.A.M.I. (Words Are My Inspiration), a collection of contemporary artworks. This exhibition is a collaboration of painting, installation, sculpture, video and sound inspired by text. This show looks at the space between the written word and visual art.

Consistently the most remarkable research happens in the intersection between disciplines; where two traditions collide; where two different sets of theories can be cross-applied, yielding new and exciting results.  Words Are My Inspiration (W.A.M.I.) offers the viewer the interesting and often unpredictable results of interrogating text through practice-led enquiry. 

The show takes a wide interpretation of what constitutes text – it is not confined to the privileged discourse of literature.  Although some artists work successfully within the literary canon, others have sought inspiration in text taken from food diaries, record sleeves, cinema stubs, nursery poems and journals of family history. 

The exhibition illustrates the power of text to inspire and illuminate fine art practice, and the power of this fine art practice to create a new line of enquiry into the motivation, thought and theories behind the texts chosen.  Whether interrogating post-modern theory, exploring gender fluidity or simulating dyslexic possibilities inherent in a single word, W.A.M.I . shows us some of the possibilities that arises when two disciplines intersect – producing work that stimulates, provokes and excites.

Opening night

Opening Speach by Tracy Fahey 

Tracy Fahey and Aine Ni Giolla Coda receiving flowers 
in gratitude from the 3rd YearPainters

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