Sunday, June 24, 2012


Eva International 2012    

re-possession consisted of a multi-part work that addressed the idea of object identity.
The project explored the psychological impact of loss through personal stories, the indifferent documentation of objects, and the rehabilitation
of the object by the craftsperson.

re-possession aimed to promote the value of reuse and a culture of exchange in the community.

Part I. Stories
Stories gathered of Limerick peoples experiences of losing familiar and cherished possessions.

Part II. Inventory
Make inventory of objects lost or stolen

Part III. Action
The ‘catalogue’ of objects displayed in the gallery as well as screening the recorded interviews. Temporary workshop in opened Faber Studios.

re-possession raises the issue of value and evolving attitudes towards personal things.

How can we acknowledge the expanding value of something which is passed from one person to another?

re-possession investigates the notion of recycling and remaking within an art practice, allowing a broadened public accessibility to its themes.

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